Trasformiamo ogni idea in realtà

Introducing Tailor-made+, the full service porcelain stoneware solution, available exclusively to Authorised Partners of Platform Plus… transforming original ideas into reality!

Tailor-made+ enables Authorised Partners to support their professional clients, contractors and homeowners through the provision of cut-to-size and cut-to-shape services and the manufacture of bespoke furniture, kitchen countertops, steps, products and accessories of exceptional design and precision.

Partners can find inspiration, access cut-to-size & cut-to-shape services, specify kitchen countertops, order bathroom & kitchen products, configure stairs, request quotes and commission bespoke designs. Partners and their clients also have access to the Platform Plus showroom in London, where a regularly updated selection of bespoke furniture items are always on display, that illustrate the best of what Tailor-made+ can do.

Authorised Partners enjoy the full support of the Iris Ceramica Group and access to all five modules of Platform Plus including Tailor-made+. They can expect support through our cut-to-size service, colour samples and other marketing assets. The service can also be promoted to their own clients through a white labelled website displaying their own brand.

Corporate Clients

With their unrivalled versatility and exquisite design, the latest porcelain slabs are no longer limited to the ceramic tile industry. Through a Corporate Client relationship with Tailor-made+, product manufacturers have their own dedicated solution, enabling designers from all industry sectors to discover and work with this innovative material.

Iris Ceramica Group have built up an impressive portfolio of international corporate client relationships. For the first time in the UK, industries from all sectors can now work with us directly through Tailor-made+, incorporating Iris Ceramica Group materials into their own product range through exclusive product lines, OEM supply chain and our in-house product manufacturing solutions.

To find out more about the services offered through Tailor-made+, please see our website here.

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