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Through Tailor-made+ our aim is to offer product designers and product manufacturers a practical and accessible solution for integrating the beauty of Italian porcelain stoneware into their products.

products with integrated porcelain stoneware

With over one hundred and fifty colours providing an unrivalled array of styles, your products will benefit from porcelain’s practical and artistic attributes and your clients can enjoy the widest choice.

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Flawless Surface

Tailor-made+ provides a trusted, professional service with full logistical support. There are no minimum quantities, a dependably short lead time and repeat orders that remain within strict tolerances.

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Furniture Inlays

Being one of the most hard-wearing and scratch resistant materials available, incorporating porcelain stoneware becomes risk-free, both at the point of purchase for you and during the lifespan of the product for your clients.

Combining technological innovation with luxury style, this exciting new material has the beauty for the most luxurious setting and the durability for everyday use.

Wider colour choice

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Kitchen manufacturers


All colours can be supplied with a number of different surface textures and delicate edge profiles, each emanating a personality of its own, while providing you with fine control over the visual impact and tactile feel of the product in which it is integrated.


High-performance surface

Porcelain stoneware is also manufactured using materials from renewable sources that do not release toxic, harmful or polluting substances, reducing its environmental impact and supporting the most stringent sustainability goals.

Product Innovation


In addition to being environmentally responsible, porcelain displays unrivalled beauty and provides a practical, stain and heat-resistant surface, making it suitable for a range of different environments and a whole host of consumer and professional products, large or small.

Coordinating surfaces

Coordinating surfaces

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