With a collection of over one hundred and fifty different styles of marble, stone and concrete designs, the potential to push creative boundaries has never been more accessible.

Displaying unrivalled realism, every colour offers the practical benefits of porcelain stoneware and provides a virtually maintenance-free, non-porous surface that is highly resistant to stains and scratches. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of marble, the texture of stone or the heft of concrete, without any of the production, maintenance or environmental issues. You can read more information about the available surface finishes here. And with many styles being complementary, entire schemes can now be conceived that deliver on both the aesthetic and functional experience. Colour samples for each style are available for order.

View our collection below. The TM12 and TM20 Collections have been designed to meet the particular requirements of unsupported table tops and worktop installations and where the project requires additional structural strength.