No matter which finish you choose all Tailor-made+ surfaces provide the same level of scratch, etch and stain resistance. They are virtually maintenance free, extremely hard wearing and do not require sealing or periodic re-sealing.

Natural Surface

The Natural surface typically replicates the finish of the material on which it is based. For a stone and concrete effect, the surface will be very similar to the look and feel of the real material, with its own distinctive markings, patterns and textures, providing a surface where you can literally feel the authenticity. Within our marble collection, the difference with Natural is that the polished, high-reflected surface, typical of polished marble, is not present, leaving a less-reflective, softer finish.

Basalt Stone - Grey Basalt

Natural finish

Polished Surface

Featuring a high-gloss, perfectly smooth finish, the Polished surface exhibits a full range of tones, from bright highlights to dark shadows. With its high contrast, the marble patterns appear stronger and more obvious with darker and lighter tones becoming bolder in appearance than they would be on the surface of Natural.

Marvel - Dark Emperor & Gem Stone - Agate Nero

Polished finish

Honed Surface

Honed offers a cool, contemporary finish that sits beautifully alongside our Polished and Natural finishes, allowing clients to channel their creativity through subtle visual details. The surface displays a satin-like feel that is supremely smooth and velvety to the touch. The contrast of Honed may appear slightly richer than in a Natural surface, but less so than the Polished. Within our stone collection, Honed will appear smother with a slight reflection. Unlike quarried stone, the Honed surface of a porcelain remains non-porous and cannot be damaged by water. This means that maintenance is low, sealants are unnecessary, and chip and scratch resistance remains high.

Honed finish

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